Greece, at the southern extremety of the Balkan penisula, borders north on Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republik of Macedonia and Bulgaria as well as east on Turkey. Greece, which consists of a penisula and approximately 2.000 islands, has a land mass of appr. 132.000 sq km and a coastline of appr. 15.000 km. It is surrounded by appr. 400.000 sq km territorial waters.

Greece has 21 natural and 14 artificial lakes.

The capital of Greece is Athens, situated in southern Greece (Attica). There are a few more bigger, well known cities, such as Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis and Kavala in northern Greece, Heraklion and Chania in Crete, Patras on the Peloponnese, Corfu Town and Rhodes Town.

The Greek islands are divided in seven groups:
  • Ionian islands
  • Cyclades
  • Dodecanese
  • Aegean islands
  • Sporades
  • Crete
  • Saronic Gulf islands
2/3 of the country is mountainous, the highest peak is Mount Olympus with 2.917 meters, situated in northern Greece, in the region of Thessalia.
This is why only 1/3 of the country is cultivable; the main products are cotton, olive oil, wine, vegetable and fruit.

PACIFIC TRAVEL: Athens International Airport, tel. 0030 210 3530 160, City Centre: tel. 0030 210 3241 007,