If you wish to visit Greece and mobility is a problem, the fact is that most hotels, museums and archeological sites are not, or not very easily, wheelchair accessible. This is due to steep steps, narrow walks and the uneven pavement, which presents a challenge even for able-bodied people because of its variety of stones and rocks all over the country.

PACIFIC TRAVEL can provide you with all possible information. We will plan your holiday carefully, taking care of every kind of reservation (hotel, airplane/boat), the transfers, and welcome you at the Athens International Airport in order to provide you with the necessary booking forms, tickets ect. We will make sure that the accommodations we will choose for you are easily wheelchair accessible and well equipped. In order to enjoy your holidays as much as possible, we suggest to pick one of the numerous, amazing, fascinating, picturesque islands - sit back and relax on the beautiful sandy beaches instead of doing exhausting sightseeing!

PACIFIC TRAVEL: Athens International Airport, tel. 0030 210 3530 160, City Centre: tel. 0030 210 3241 007, info@pacifictravel.gr