Driving in Greece for many tourists might be a bit of an adventure - but it is the best way to see the country as it really is. It allows you to stop wherever you like and gives you the necessary flexibility to explore Greece and its hidden beauties. Discover Greece, enjoy this amazing and unique experience and taste a bit of paradise on earth!!! Do not be afraid of driving around in Greece and Athens, traffic is not worse than in any other capital like Rome, Paris or Madrid. Once in the car, you will immediately realize that all road and traffic signs are in Greek and Latin.
Never forget to have a detailed roadmap in the car, which helps you to find your way back to civilization even from the most remote places you explored.

There is an abundance of rental cars, with considerable variation in prices. If you must have an automatic, we strongly advise to contact PACIFIC TRAVEL for your reservation before leaving home and well in advance, as most of the cars in Greece as in any other European country have regular stick shift.

Most companies require that the renter is at least 21 years old, possesses an European or international driving license and has a major credit card.
Daily rates for small cars (Fiat seicento, Daewoo Matiz, Hyundai Atos) start at about 30 Euro (low season) to 50 Euro (high season), unlimited mileage and insurance included. And of course, do not forget, the longer you keep the car, the cheaper the daily charge is.

Mopeds and motorcycles are available for hire wherever there are tourists to rent them. In many cases their maintenance has been minimal, so check the machine before you hire it - especially the brakes: you will need them!!!
Motorcycles are an inexpensive way to explore the islands - you will find beautiful, isolated beaches, deserted caves, picturesque villages - but be very careful driving them: roads are often poorly paved and without railing, loose gravel or stones are another common problem. As distances on the islands are very short, you will for sure enjoy your drive.
Just make sure you have a driver's license if you want to rent one.
Helmets are compulsory for motorcyclists - do not worry, you do not have to bring them with you - rental agencies provide them with no extra charge!
Rates vary from approximately 10 (low season) to 30 Euro per day for a moped or motorbike.

Most of the Greeks speak English very well. In case you get lost and can not find your way back, ask help from the locals, who are very helpful and warmhearted. If you meet someone who does not speak English, do not worry - using his hands and feet he will help you out!!!
PACIFIC TRAVEL: Athens International Airport, tel. 0030 210 3530 160, City Centre: tel. 0030 210 3241 007,