Strong shoes are essential for discovering the ancient sites and walking around historic towns and villages, which tend to have lots of steps and cobbled, uneven streets. Footwear with ankle support is preferable for trekking, although many visitors get by with trainers.

If you are going to trek a compass and a whistle could be essential should you become lost or disorientated. A flashlight is not only needed if you intend to explore caves, but comes in handy during occasional power cuts.

In most places in Greece, water is not only potable but very refreshing and clear.

You will need only light clothing - preferably cotton - during the summer months. But if you are going to climb mountains, you will need a sweater and waterproof jacket even in July and August.

During spring and autumn you will need a lighter sweater or jacket in the evening. In winter take a heavy jacket or coat, warm sweater, winter shoes or boots, and an umbrella.
In summer sunblock, sunhat and sunglasses are essential in order to protect yourself from the strong sunlight and to avoid to get sunburned.

Never forget to bring shoulder covered t-shirts and trousers or long skirts in case you are interested in visiting churches and monasteries. Especially women are not allowed to enter shrines and holy places wearing only shorts, slippers and sleeveless shirts.

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